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5 Elements of Successful Branding

If you look around your industry, you’ll find that successful brands are well-defined and relevant to their market.

But what is a brand? Many people think a brand is created once you’ve chosen colors, fonts, and a logo. Although, branding is significantly more than those things. The process of creating your brand will only be completed once you’ve carefully considered and defined five core elements of branding: Associations, Personality, Position, Promise, and Story.

Let’s explore these five core elements a little more.


These are the things that make up your brand – the ones that might come immediately to mind when you think of branding. Things like your logo, brand colors, name, fonts, etc. Be sure that your brand promise and your brand traits are reflected through your brand association.


Brand traits are what will illustrate what the brand should be known for within and outside the business. You need to think about the specific personality traits you want your employees, prospects, partners, and clients to use whenever they describe your business. Aim to have at least four to seven traits that stand for your brand and describe what people can expect.


Position is the element that describes what your business does, whom it caters to, what your unique values are, what differentiates you from competitors, and what the consumer can gain by using your product or service.


The brand promise is the single most important thing that your business promises to deliver every single time is a brand promise. In order to come up with your brand promise, you need to consider what employees, customers, and partners expect from you when they choose to work for/with you. Every business decision should be weighed against this promise to be sure that it aligns with your Promise.


This story lends credibility to your business, and shapes the face of, as well as ends value to your brand. It’s a narrative that really drives the “Why,” which often includes a summary of your services and/or products.

The key to success of a branding process is undoubtedly repetition. If you’re constantly changing aspects of your branding, no one will ever really know or remember your business. It must remain steady.

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