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HoneyBook: Mission Control for Your Business

This week I’ll be talking about another platform I use and love: HoneyBook.

As HoneyBook so perfectly states: “HoneyBook streamlines everything you need to manage your business into one place. Paper, spreadsheets and apps be gone! Now peace of mind comes with just one login“.

That rings pretty true. If you’re a service based business that manages clients, you’ll probably find HoneyBook to be incredibly helpful. You can see exactly what’s happening with all projects. Manage each stage, from inquiry to payment—and everything in between.

They offer a Client Portal!

One of the things I enjoy most about HoneyBook is the ability to have a personalized Client Login Portal. This really makes for a professional business appearance! There’s just something about having a place for your clients to “log in” and view their project that screams “I’ve made it”!

So… what exactly do we get with the Client Portal? Within the Portal, clients are able to directly access their project and any associated information! They’ll be able to see upcoming or overdue invoices, pay those same invoices, view & upload project files, send messages, and so much more!

They also offer some excellent Automations.

I love how easily I can set up automations of all kinds – especially email automations for future invoices. I basically just sit back, forget, and letHoneyBookhandle it all! You can set up all kinds of automations — sending out invoices, brochures to leads, contracts to new clients… there are truly a ton possibilities!

Tracking client communication has never been easier for me.

Getting tons of emails is the norm for me. Finding those client responses in the mountain of daily emails was a PAIN. Thankfully, communication can be handled in HoneyBook so it’s all much easier to manage! I’m over here saying farewell to missed inquiries and messages, & hello to happy and up-to-date clients!

A few more fantastic tools HoneyBook has to offer:

  • Scheduling

  • Time Tracking

  • Calendars

  • Gift Cards

  • Reporting

  • Contact Form Builders

  • And of course… a ton more!

Overall, if you’re struggling with managing your clients & projects, I highly recommend giving HoneyBook a try.

They offer a 7-Day Free Trial, and their Starter Plan is just $9/month. It includes:

  • Access to all features

  • Limited to $10k in total transactions

  • Up to 6 months of concierge support

If you need a little more than that, their Unlimited plan is only $39/month! It’s truly an amazing deal for the power of this platform! The Unlimited Plan includes:

  • Access to all features, plus

  • No limit on transactions

  • Unlimited concierge support

  • Add unlimited team members

So if you’re considering checking out HoneyBook, jump on over and get their 7-Day Free Trial here.

*This page contains affiliate links for which I am compensated.

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